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Rich production line including direct thermal printer, thermal transfer printer, courier label printer and colour label printer. Brands including Zebra, Epson, TSC, Brother and more. HIgh quality, good price and professional service.


If you have other specific label requirement on direct thermal label, waterproof direct thermal label, thermal transfer label, color inkjet label, waterproof colour label and courier label, please check our website,  contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.

Direct Thermal Label Printer6

Direct thermal printer is seen as a good option for business looking to print barcode label, racking label or courier label... No ribbon required while working will help save the cost.


Direct thermal label is heat sensitive, direct thermal printer using heat to image on the surface of label, the heat causes a colour change creating the printed image. The direct thermal printers often need some on-going maintenance with the printing head requiring frequent cleaning to ensure smooth operation.


All those features made direct thermal printers suit for a heavy duty warehouse or office for retail, logistics and other industries have need for indoor label need. Only direct thermal label allow to print by direct thermal printer.


• Simple and Cost Effective

• No Ink Required to Print

• Applications: Address Labels, Courier Labels, Barcodes and more


PacLabel has a rich productline on Direct thermal printer. Brands including TSC, Brother and Zebra. If you have any specific requirement on label or printer, please check our website, contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.

Thermal Transfer Label Printer2

Thermal transfer label printer is seen as a good solution for business looking to print some labels that long-lasting and not sensitive to light or heat.


The thermal print head heats the back side of the ribbon to melt and transfer the compounds on the front of the ribbon to the label. So ribbon required while working. Printheads of thermal transfer label also last longer since the ribbon provides a protective buffer between the head and the label material.Thermal transfer printer are allow to print both direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels.


• Applications: Warehouse shelf labels, handling labels, Inventory identification labels and more
• Ink Required to Print
• More color available 


PacLabel has both desktop thermal transfer printer and industrial thermal transfer printer option availabel. If you have any specific requirement on direct thermal label, thermal transfer label or printer, please check our website, contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.

Color Label Printer4

Colour label printers are perfect for creating high quality labels for a variety of applications. Colour label printers are ideal for FCMG labels, retail labels, chemical labels, and more. These printers are great for printing on demand and short run label production.


We have a wide array of colour label sticker printers - from basic inkjet colour label printers to digital label presses and finishing systems that suit the office enviroment to heavy duty printers that are suited to industrial applications. 


Blank injet colour label  waterproof inkjet colour label and cartridges available as well. Please contact us for free quote of colour label solution, call 09-636-9721 or email marketing@paclabel.co.nz 


We are label manufacturer who specializes in custom blank label rolls which suit for wide range of printers in the market. Our direct approach to factory allows you to enjoy the advantage of cost savings without giving up the quality of labels. Large volume of label rolls in stock allow us to dispatch your products on the same day if the order is placed and payment is completed by 1.00pm NZST.

We are also the resellers of various brands of colour label printers and barcode printers. We offer excellent prices to give you a cost effective solution for your business so you can print your own labels/barcodes when you want it and how you want it.

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