Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels-33 sizes available-Can do custom size

Direct thermal labels is designed for short term and high volume applications. Less printer driver setting adjusting and no need to install ribbon make direct thermal labels easy to use and cost effective for black and white label printing. Suit for retail, logistics, warehouse managing and other industries. The life span time of direct thermal label is 3-9 months.

At PacLabel, we have 33 standard sizes in multiple core sizes, fit for industrial label printer and desktop direct thermal printers. We also can do custom size blank labels. Bunches option and can do any size! Core size including 12.7mm, 19mm, 28-40mm and 76mm, fit for mobile printers, desktop printers and industrial printers.

How do direct thermal labels work?

The direct thermal printers' printhead directly contact with the label, when printhead heat up, the labels transfer over the printhead and turns black to form the text and icon.

The Benefit of Direct Thermal Labels

• Applications: Address Labels, Courier Labels, Barcode labels, Name tag, Visitor passes and more

• Clear and consistent images for good readability and easy for scanning

• Stability and durability


If you have other specific label requirement, please check our website, contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.




We are label manufacturer who specializes in custom blank label rolls which suit for wide range of printers in the market. Our direct approach to factory allows you to enjoy the advantage of cost savings without giving up the quality of labels. Large volume of label rolls in stock allow us to dispatch your products on the same day if the order is placed and payment is completed by 1.00pm NZST.

We are also the resellers of various brands of colour label printers and barcode printers. We offer excellent prices to give you a cost effective solution for your business so you can print your own labels/barcodes when you want it and how you want it.

Need help? We're available at09 636 9721 - Email us atservice@paclabel.co.nz orlive Chat Online
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