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Barcode Label Printing4

Barcode label Printing- eliminate error and make information tracking easy

Barcode label Printing provide organizations with an easy and cost-effective way to streamline their processes. Barcode label will eliminate error, make inventory tracking easy, system control is greatly improved and able to access updated inventory information in real time.

PacLabel provide barcode label printing service. Send us the type of code, barcode number and number you need, we will send the solution and free quote back. Fast turnaround and high resolution printing.

The Benefit of Barcode Label Printing

• Clear and consistent images for easy readability, delivering message to customers

• Black printing. Multiple size available

• Fit for several industries including Postal, Parcel, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharmacies, Wholesale


If you have other specific label requirement, please check our website, contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote !

Food rotation labels4

Food Rotation Labels- For commercial kitchen, restaurant

• Applications: Day Dot Labels, Shelf Life Labels, Use First Labels

• Use for label food with information. Waterproof material can use in commercial fridge 

Black printing, full colour printing available. Multiple size available. Removable/permanent adhesive.  

 If you have other specific label requirement, please check our website, contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.

Variable Data Printing0

- Large variety of changing elements available such as text, number, barcode and more
- Various size and material available, black printing/colour printing available
- Suit for industries including retailing, manufacturing, logistic, warehouse managing and more


Types of Variable data stickers: barcode labels, food ingredient labels, asset labels, name labels, address labels and more

Just three steps and you will have the variable data stickers ready. Want to know how to do? Let's check:

1. Decide which data is variable and create a spreadsheet listing the variable data
2. Talk to the team member at PacLabel, send the spreadsheet and design of the labels to us
3. PacLabel team will take care of your stickers.

Handling Labels35

Handling Labels- Avoid damage on parcel

Various themes of handling labels, from Fragile Label, Heavy Label, Perishable label and more. Having handling label with parcel is good for , because labels will notice courier staff that the package need careful treating.

Why you should choose handling labels ?

• Several themes of standard handling label in stock 

• Text+icon packing label printing available. Multiple colour available for custom handling label printing

• Material: Fluo colour paper


If you have other specific label printing requirement such as barcode labelfood label or print your own label stickers,  please check with us. contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote.

Custom Label Printing0

Food Label Printing, Food ingredient label, food nutrition label and full colour labels.

Black/full colour printing available.

Multiple size and material available.

Fridge/chill label available.  


Special Label Printing - Special materials

Multiple special material including texture labels, Kraft labels, silver PET and more. Materials fit for various industries including wine, food labels and more. Any size, any shape.

You can find sample pictures for each of the material HERE

Order start from $159+GST. 

Need more details or need free samples, please contact us!


Normal Label Printing 

Plain synthetic material with full colour printing and gloss/matt laminating.

Order start from $89+GST. Good price and fast turnaround!

If you need custom label printing, please contact marketing@paclabel.co.nz or call 09-636-9721 for free quote!


Still having troble with selecting your ideal material? here's a quick quastionarrie to help you. CLICK ME


We are label manufacturer who specializes in custom blank label rolls which suit for wide range of printers in the market. Our direct approach to factory allows you to enjoy the advantage of cost savings without giving up the quality of labels. Large volume of label rolls in stock allow us to dispatch your products on the same day if the order is placed and payment is completed by 1.00pm NZST.

We are also the resellers of various brands of colour label printers and barcode printers. We offer excellent prices to give you a cost effective solution for your business so you can print your own labels/barcodes when you want it and how you want it.

Need help? We're available at09 636 9721 - Email us atservice@paclabel.co.nz orlive Chat Online
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