How to make attractive labels and align with your product? Special Material! (Keep Updating)

The short-run digital special materials including texture, Kraft, silver PET, Black Vellum and White Synthetic materials, fit for various industries including beverage, food, handcrafted products, vape and more. Custom colour printing for any size, any shape. Start from $159+GST.

1. Estate Label-FSC® textured labels

Elegant white face stock with a laid finish that easily accepts die-cutting, embossing, and foil stamping; top coated and optimized for HP Indigo Presses. The "wet strength" properties tend to increase the performance in moist environments.

Open a whole new world for beverage and wine label

The Estate grades are FSC® Certified as well as alkaline and made with archival properties for a longer life, a good choice for wine labels such as high end beverage and spirits, with improved resistance to moisture and humidity after bottling and at presentation to the consumer. provide excellent high initial tack and quicker label adhesion onto glass. Provide functional converting performance on an array of paper and film face stocks.

Environmental friendly

Designed for high-speed label dispensing. Recommended for roll-to-roll applications.

2. Clear label with white ink

White ink printing on clear labels will make your label and text design sharp and easy-to-read. By creating a layer of opacity, the white ink will help reduce the transparency of the text and graphics. Clear labels can appear transparent making the text hard to read and graphics bland without white ink.

White ink on clear stickers gives a clean look and feel to customers, making it a perfect way to elevate your branding.

3. Kraft Brown Labels

Our friend from @coffeeandtee.org has created those Coffee Bean Labels with the Kraft Brown Label Material.

This material is fully customizable. Its natural appearance makes it suitable for food or hand made products like soap and candles. It also comes with permanent adhesive backing, so it’s great for glass, plastic, paper and more.

4. Metallic PET Labels

Metallic PET label material can be laminated with Gloss or Matt finish. It is robust which means it’s water-proof and won’t be easily damaged.

If the Metallic PET material is combined with a special design, it can create a luminous foil effect. Those features made the Metallic PET material perfect for beverages needed to keep chill, such as wine and beer, and E-liquid.

5. Black Vellum Label

Black Vellum label material is an uncoated high-quality paper. It’s great for printing white ink because of the colour contrast. It has cold temperature permanent adhesive, perfect for wine, beer and spirit labelling. The luxury texture on the surface brings your product to the fancier level. Black Vellum label material is also eco-friendly due to it’s made with pure paper, so it’ll be a great match with green and natural products.

6. White Synthetic Labels

White Synthetic label material is adorable, tear proof and water proof, providing both permanent and removable adhesive back to choose from. It can be coated with matt or gloss finish. It is able to print high-resolution pictures and vivid colours but doesn't cost you a fortune.

Still with us? Sweet as!

We made a table chart below with all the features and materials to make your life easier!

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