Why Epson TM C3500 colour inkjet label printer  is the best choice for SME ?

Full colour printing label is the new trend. The colour label printing is eye-catching and make your product attracting customers. With unique design, sharp text and vivid colour, customers will have some ideas of product and affect on decision making.

When business look for an entry-level inkjet label printer, Epson TM C3500, Afinia L301 and Primera LX500 are three printers you can't ignore. We will talk about what make Epson TM C3500 the best option for SME.

1. The price for Epson C3500

For SME and first time buyers, price will effect decision making.

Primera LX500 is the most expensive one among three printers, $2799 include GST. Epson TM C3500 and Afinia L301 are under $2000 +GST.

Seems like Epson and Afinia will share the trophy in this round. BUT, Epson has auto cut function in 3 mode. The auto cut function will make the work more efficiency since no need to manual cut.

Epson C3500

(Auto Cut for Epson C3500)

2. The print speed

Print speed for Epson C3500

The print speed for Epson C3500 is different for each resolution. The Speed Mode, which is 360dpi*360dpi, the print speed can up to 78mm/sec (media width 104mm) and 103mm/sec (media width 56mm). The quality Mode, which is 720dpi*360dpi, printer speed can reach to 42mm/sec with same width media.

Print speed for competitors

Afinia L301's print speed depend on the artwork, 1.8 in/sec (46 mm/sec) printing a 2.2 in (56 mm) wide image in normal mode. Primera LX500 has 64 mm per second print speed.

3. The operation cost for Epson TMC3500

epson tm-c3500

(Epson C3500 inkjet label printer with label rewinder)

The operating cost for C3500 is reasonable for business.

Ink cost of Epson C3500:

The TM-C3500 features individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink. Keep a low cost of maintenance for daily use. Ink consumption is reasonable. 100*100mm, 60% of ink colour, the ink cost is around 12 cents per label. The cost of cartridge is not super expensive, $47+GST for each colour, total price for four colours are $188+GST.

You will need maintenance box for Epson C3500, price is $55+GST. Usually the life span of maintenance box is 1-2 years.

Media cost of Epson C3500:

Epson c3500 can print on a variety of media such as inkjet labels paper, synthetic and clear labels. Let's check out the price for inkjet labels:

100mm width continuous inkjet label paper, length is 30 meters. PacLabel sell at $23.2+GST for one roll. Different price for different quality range.

100mm width continuous inkjet label synthetic, Which is waterproof inkjet label for outdoor using, length is 30 meters. PacLabel sell at $24.9+GST for one roll. Different price for different quality range.

The auto cut function in three modes make continuous inkjet label fit with C3500. It gives more flexible for colour label printing.

Die cut inkjet labels is available for C3500, either. You can check the price for die-cut inkjet label paper and inkjet label synthetic on website.

4. The Printing quality of Epson TMC3500

The highest resolution C3500 can print is 720dpi*360dpi, which is suit for most scenario. The MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and DURABrite® Ultra Pigment ink will keep the label clear and crispy. The text and barcode will be sharp and easy-to-read or scan. WIth the Ultra pigment ink, you can get vivid colour label with long lasting, smudge and liquid resistant.

Above average print speed, reasonable maintenance cost, low cost of media and most importantly, around $2000 price with auto cut function make Epson C3500 the best choice for SME. 

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