​The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Courier Labels

Posted by Paclabel on 17th Jan 2024

​The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Courier Labels

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Welcome to Paclabel's comprehensive guide on mastering courier labels. In this ultimate guide, we'll take you on a journey through the intricacies of choosing courier labels, with a special emphasis on the crucial role they play in the logistics ecosystem.

Understanding the Essence of Courier Labels.

 Courier labels are the silent heroes in the shipping process, containing vital information such as names, shipping addresses, weight, and contact details. At Paclabel, our courier labels are crafted as blank direct thermal labels, ready to be imprinted with the specifics of each shipment. The incorporation of a barcode ensures seamless scanning during the entire shipping journey.

Tailored to Fit Every Courier System in New Zealand.

 Paclabel's commitment to excellence is reflected in our courier labels, designed to seamlessly integrate with all courier systems in New Zealand. We understand the diverse requirements of courier companies like Courier Post, Post Haste, New Zealand Couriers, Gosweetspot, and more. Our labels are made to the exact specifications of these companies, using high-quality material to prevent damage to printers. Additionally, the perforated design simplifies tearing, making them compatible with most direct thermal printers.

The Benefits of Choosing Paclabel's Courier Labels.

  • Universal Compatibility: Suited for almost all Courier label Printers in the market.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with various New Zealand courier systems, including eShip from Courier Post, New Zealand Couriers, Gosweetspot, Post Haste, Parcelport, and more.
  • High Tack Adhesive: Our labels feature a high tack adhesive for secure adherence to packages.
  • Operational Convenience: Perforated Labels allow for easy tearing, ensuring a hassle-free labeling experience.

Exploring Paclabel's Label Sizes.

 We understand the importance of label sizes in the logistics world. Paclabel's courier label sizes are not arbitrary; they adhere to the standardized sizes of courier machine label printers in New Zealand. Paclabel offers options like Brother DK-11247 Courier labels (103mm x 164mm) and DK-22243 Continuous Rolls (102mm x 30.48M).

Navigating Printer Compatibility.

 Acknowledging the diverse landscape of courier printers, Paclabel caters to a variety of printer brands. While DK-11241, DK-11247, and DK-22243 label are optimized for Brother QL1100 and QL1110NWB printers, standardized label sizes of 102*175mm (100*174mm) and 100*150mm ensures compatibility with popular printer brands like Zebra, TSC, Sato, and Datamax. This flexibility provides our customers with a wide range of options to suit their specific needs.

Looking for the perfect courier label for your printer?

 Paclabel is not just a label manufacturer; we are your partners in precision logistics. Our competitive prices, coupled with unmatched quality, make us the preferred choice for courier labels in New Zealand.

 For detailed information on choosing the perfect courier label for your needs, contact us at Marketing@paclabel.co.nz. Trust Paclabel for precision, compatibility, and operational excellence in every label. Your logistics efficiency starts here.

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